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When spraying properly, cabinets offer a smooth finish that many homeowners like. Apart from that it is often faster than a brush or roll application. While the appearance and speed of spraying cabinets are very attractive, there are unique challenges you face when spraying white cabinets that need to be addressed.

Before setting up cabinets even though you want to review to see if they are worth repainting, it might seem obvious but if your cabinets are not in structural form then it might be better to consider buying a new cabinet. After you decide that repainting your existing cabinet is indeed the best course of action, the following tips will help you get the best results spraying your cabinet.

If you are going to use water-based paint in your cupboard, you will want to wet the surface before you plan to apply the paint and let the water dry on the wood surface, giving rise to pores.

On days when you plan to paint you can use 150 or 180 grit sandpaper to smooth wood pores and dust. If you plan to paint your cabinet, you can sand up to 150 grits. In both cases after you sand the cabinet just before it is ready to paint or varnish, you will want to remove all residual dust from the cabinet. This can be done by vacuum and cloth. You will also want to lower the cabinet once more to ensure no dust is formed because this can leave a bad appearance known as a fish eye on the final result of your cabinet.


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